SmartoKids Activity Box for 4, 5 & 6 Year Old Baby Boys & Girls (11-in-1 Set) – Learning & Educational Gift Pack of Play-based Explorer Toys, Puzzles, Board Games, Colours and Books with Indian Values

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SmartoKids is India’s leading enterprise in early child development space with numerous products & services catering to children up to 8 years of age. 90% of a child’s brain development happens within the first few years of life. This is the phase of life where parenting is of utmost importance and has a long lasting impact on the life of a child. Our multiple activity boxes help parents in providing a fun learning environment for kids in indoor as well as outdoor settings. Our activity boxes help parents to keep their child better engaged at home away from smartphone and TV. This is the perfect gift for boys and girls aged 4 to 6 years whom you would like to play and learn at the same time.Box contains total 11 items – (1) 7 HIGH-QUALITY ACTIVITY SETS – includes detailed instructions & everything your child needs for each (2) 1 STORY BOOK – engaging stories that keep child connected to Indian roots (3) 1 SET OF 30 WORKSHEETS – keeps child creatively engaged for the whole month (4) 1 ENGAGEMENT TRACKER for parents – to assess kid’s involvement in various activities AND personal involvement with child (5) 1 SKILL DEVELOPMENT TRACKER – to assess child’s development milestones.
CONTENTS OF 7 Learning Activities – (1) MAGICAL PEN – a super-hit spy-game with kids-friendly UV pen (2) FUN WITH NUMBERS – creative way to learn counting by punching (3) BLOW PAINTING – with fabulous blow-pens (4) JUNGLE PICNIC – Board Game (5) TANGRAM – age-old puzzle which can engage a child life-long (6) LET’S BE HEALTHY – develops healthy habits by winning prizes (7) MY PLANTS – growing actual plants over a month. Some of these are REPEATABLE ACTIVITIES which engage child for many months.
KEY BENEFITS – (1) Unlike most other toys which are “one time use & throw” with limited learning value, this kit provides a lot of learning AND is loved for a long time by kids (2) Designed by child-development experts to ensure optimal brain development of child (3) Helps parents keep their child better engaged at home away from TV and Smartphones (4) Each Activity Package contains multiple “RELATED ACTIVITY SUGGESTIONS” that help children enjoy free time in an entertaining & creative manner.
SKILLS ACQUIRED – These unique books and innovative activities develop the following skills & attributes in a child – Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Coordination, Attention, Logical Reasoning, Imagination, Familiarity, Creativity, Culture, Sensory, Empathy, Self-expression, Communication, Pre-Reading, Memory, Listening, Pre-writing, Confidence, Critical Thinking, and Action Play. It almost works like magic for smart & intelligent pre-schoolers when they get engrossed with this interactive collection.
Ideal for birthday gifts and return gifts. Also popular as a winning prize in school competitions, useful as an award for kids’ achievement, as a class or group appreciation, or for any kind of active mind challenge as well as special festival gifting purpose. Best preferable for those children who have completed four, five or six yrs, or who are still below seven years of age.

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